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Yes. You Can Get A Job This Year

- Feb 3, 2014

It was far from easy to get a job in 2013. This year would be even more competitive. If you are searching for a job, you might wonder if you would be able to get a job when there are so few opportunities. Since this is not a doom and gloom article, we are delighted to inform you that YES – YOU CAN GET A JOB THIS YEAR.


However, this would only be if you follow best practices, improve yourself and apply widely. The following tips would help you get a job this year.


As you “attack” interviews and job opportunities this year, you must put this at the back of your mind. Be prepared. See every situation as an opportunity to get a job. Go to interviews with the mindset that you will get this job. By getting into a preparatory mindset, you would be able to improve your chances of getting a job.


You will get a lot of advice on how to go about looking for a job. Do not be tempted to follow all tips. Know what you are comfortable with and follow such advice. For example, you may not like the idea of doing a video resume. Don’t force yourself to do it if you are not comfortable with such.

When reading about interview tactics, take your personality, experience and career goals into consideration in deciding whether to follow the advice.


Job searching is a job itself and sadly, many applicants don’t put in the required effort. They don’t check as many job postings as possible. They don’t put in effort during the recruitment process. No one wants to employ a lazy worker and your lack of effort would often show during the recruitment process.

If you want to land a job this year, then start taking the job search seriously. Put in more effort and it would pay off. When searching for a job, ensure you apply widely. Statistically, the more vacancies you apply to, the higher your chances of securing a position.


Due to the prevalence of the term “networking” in business circles, many people tend to tune out when they hear the word. However, connections as important as ever. If you want to improve your chances of getting a job this year, then you should always be striving to increase the size of your network. Get to meet more people. Help people. Develop a good reputation.


Social media continues to be important to job seekers. However, you need to be more strategic in using social media. Manage the time you spend on social media and use social media to seek out vacancies. You should join social networks used by the decision makers and recruiters in the industry you want to join. Social media can enable you connect with companies and keep up-to-date on job opportunities in those companies.

Follow the above tips and you will be successful in the current job market. Check our home page for current job opportunities.

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