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Why You Should Work Smart

- Aug 4, 2014

FACT: The hardest working people are not necessarily the most successful.


It is not bad to work hard but working hard in most cases is just basically putting in physical and mental efforts to achieve limited results. By working smart , you can supercharge your efforts and achieve more than your peers.

You should focus on the fastest, smartest and yes, easiest way to do things. That is the art of working fast. When you do this, you save time and you achieve more. So how do you achieve this kind of productivity?

Here are a few tips:

  • Remember, 80/20: Whether you like it or not, a greater percentage of your results comes from just little effort. It is a statistical fact that has been observed in many spheres of work. As a smart worker, you must take advantage of this. Analyze your activities and you will know the activities that you undertake that give you the greatest results. Focus on those.


  • Undertake activities with the greatest impact: When faced with different activities, undertake the ones that would give you the greatest impact and visibility.


  • Create a vision and an objective: If you have a vision and an objective, you would be better focused to achieve. Every day, set an objective and aggressively work towards fulfilling your objective. On an even grander scale, have a vision that would guide both your work and personal life and give you a destination to look forward to.


  • Reduce desire for unnecessary things: Most times, we tend to undertake tasks that are not really necessary. If you want to work smart and efficiently, then you must cut down on such activities. Don’t do something unless absolutely needed. You may feel tempted to undertake “filler” work. Don’t. The time of a smart worker is very valuable. Fill your spare time with productive activities.


  • Don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good: Obsessing about getting things 100% right can lead to not achieving anything at all. You don’t need to worry about every minute detail. Focus on getting things done. The details would often take care of themselves and you get better when you execute and complete projects rather than when you keep tinkering to achieve perfection.


  • Delegate, automate, outsource: Is there anything that the tools of technology can do for you? Then use technology to save yourself time. Do you really need to manually reconcile those accounts when an excel macro can save you valuable time? If it is possible to delegate a task, do so. You would save time for more important activities. Outsourcing is often a cost effective activity because as many business executives have found out, time is more valuable than money.


  • Find improvements: By following the tips above, you would have supercharged your efforts and you would show efficiency in your work. Don’t stop at that. Continually seek improvements and find ways to do things faster and better.


By using your time effectively, you maximize your chances of success.

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