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Why You Should Use An Employment Agency To Get A Job

- Aug 26, 2013

Have you ever turned down the opportunity to interview for a position because you found out you were being interviewed by a staffing agency? If so, you may have done a foolish thing.

There are so many myths that may stop job seekers from getting a job. People have wrong information about employment agencies and as a result make blanket statements to not seek jobs through staffing agencies.

We are using this opportunity to tell you that an employment agency might be the best option for you to get a new job today. In case you are not convinced, then here are the points in favor of partnering with an employment agency.


I am sure there have been occasions where you have applied for a job and did not get a call back. If you had gone with a top staffing agency, this would not be the case. Many companies today prefer to use agencies to fill up their vacancies, be it administrative or executive positions. Large and small companies rely on staffing agencies to help them recruit top talent that would help their companies move forward in business.

So you would be missing the opportunity to work with companies that depend on staffing agencies if you opt not to use an employment agency in your job search.



A good staffing agency would do its best to help the employee in negotiating with the employer. The staffing agency would have a stake in the success of the employee because if that worker is successful, they would be able to place more employees with that employer.

So by going through an employment agency, you are guaranteed the support in your job search and even during your employment period.


Sometimes, you may want to change jobs and seeking a new job through normal channels may cause you some embarrassments or something of that sort. In such a case, it’s a no-brainer to seek a job through an employment agency. If you go through a professional agency, they would keep everything in confidence and respect your privacy.

So if you have been holding on to misconceptions about staffing agencies, let them go today. Don’t let false information stop you from getting a good job and remember if you are in the Massachusetts area and looking for a job, ACE Employment Services is ready to partner you.

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