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Why You Should Take That Low Paying Job

- Aug 5, 2013

Imagine you are married with three high school age kids. You are earning $150000 a year. Yet you are not satisfied with your job. You feel there is something missing in the job. You would like to do what you love. Unfortunately, what you love pays $90000 a year. What would you do?

Many job seekers (and even those with jobs) are faced with this question all the time. Should I take a low paying job? Would I not be devaluing myself by doing that?

Our answer is: it depends.

There are certain situations where it is sensible and even beneficial to take up a job that falls short of your salary demands.


Most people are stuck up in jobs they flat out don’t like. They keep doing it because of the income. However, it may be a good thing for you to cut down your expenses so you can take a lower paying but more fulfilling job.

So if you are unhappy with your job and you see another one that you would be happy with, then don’t let fears of low pay stop you from having an enjoyable career.


Would you like to earn $1m a week while suffering headaches, sleeplessness and ulcers? Sometimes, it is best to go for a lower paying job that enables you to balance your career aspirations with your personal situation. Family is important, perhaps more than career. Don’t choose a high paying job that would not allow you live your life fully.


Are you moving from one location to another? You might find it hard to hold a job that pays the same salary as your previous job. In this case, it might be worth it to take up a lower paying job. This is especially so if you are moving to an area with lower cost of capital. On a side note, if you are moving to the Massachusetts area, then ACE Employment Services is there for you if you are seeking temporary jobs.


In this present economy, everyone is close to a sack or even worse, a demotion. Most times, many employees sense this is about to happen and even when they have the chance to switch to a lower paying but more secure job, they refuse, hoping they won’t be sacked.

If you are in this situation, it may be worth it to find a lower paying job now before your employer hands you the slip.


We have left this reason for last. If you are out of work and searching for a job, don’t be too choosy. Employment gaps are not good for your resume. Take a low offer if you get it. You can leverage the experience to get a higher paying job.

Are there other reasons why you might be tempted to take a low paying job? Let us know in the comments.

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