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What Keeps Employees Satisfied?

- Aug 23, 2016

You must have heard from your grandparents and parents that once they joined any organization they got retired from the same. They never thought of leaving the concern and join another one. Job satisfaction was not their buzz word, all they know was to show loyalty and earn goodwill.customer-experience-300x225

Things have changed now and you prefer to change job for better prospects and sometimes because you are not satisfied with the job! Job satisfaction is the motivation that keeps you going to work daily. Certain factors that affect your job satisfaction are:

Satisfactory Salary

Salary is the most basic factor that keeps one stuck to their job. The pay that you receive and the growth pattern of the pay will affect your satisfaction while working. When an employee is happy with his pay his productivity will also increase.

Personal Development

Apart from good pay structure the work environment must provide enough challenges to any employee. There must be something that should keep you going while working. If you have to do the same thing every day you will feel that the job is not enough to develop your skills and you will start looking for some other job. No one likes a monotonous job; rather it should have scope for personal development.

Recognition and Encouragement

Everybody have a thirst for recognition and it is thus the next factor that contributes to job satisfaction. If the concern has good evaluation system then they can recognize which employee is performing better than others. Proper recognition and encouragement will motivate you to work efficiently. If you know that your efforts will be recognized then you will work hard and have interest in your job.

Working Conditions

Another factor that is most important for job satisfaction is the ergonomics in the workplace. It includes working conditions like space, lighting, sitting arrangements. Apart from this your relation with your co-workers and colleagues also affects your degree of job satisfaction. Management of the organization also plays an important role because if they maintain a cordial working environment in the organization every employee including you will love working for the concern.

Job satisfaction is a relative term and these factors determine your satisfaction while you work for any concern. However, if due importance is not given to these factors there will be high chances that employee turnover will be very high, which is not good for the health of the concern.

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