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Unemployed? Use Your Knowledge To Earn Some Money

- Feb 13, 2014

Are you unemployed?

If yes, you might be feeling frustrated. Job opportunities are few and the competition for them is high. At the same time, the cost of living continues to soar. However, as you continue to search for the elusive jobs, you can be proactive by utilizing your knowledge to earn some money.


This article would detail ways that you can make money from your knowledge.

First, you should have the knowledge. If you have worked in an industry for some years before you were laid off, then you likely have valuable knowledge that other people would be willing to pay off. Many people are reluctant to try to monetize their knowledge because it sounds like an entrepreneurial undertaking—which it is. However, it is not as difficult as you think to monetize your knowledge.

One way of doing this is to publish an e-book. E-books are no longer limited to unscrupulous internet marketers selling get rich quick ideas. Professionals are publishing e-books not only as a way of building credibility but also as a way of generating income.

You can publish e-books on Amazon’s Kindle Desktop Publishing site (www.amazonkdp.com). You set the price and you get 35%-70% royalty rate. Many people may get discouraged by the amount of work needed to be done but you can solve all that by outsourcing. You can outsource the cover design and even the writing. Deliver your knowledge in audio recording and a writer can transcribe them into an e-book. This need not cost a fortune and you would be able to generate passive income. If your knowledge of the subject is vast, you may even publish several books. This can be a great way of generating some much needed income as you search for jobs,.

If you are ready to put in a bit more work, then you can create a video course on www.udemy.com. Although, you would have to invest a lot of time to develop a course, you can reap the benefits very soon, particularly if you really know your field. You get 70% of the price of your course. Savvy experts have paired courses on Udemy with eBooks on kindle to create a knowledge business. There are tutorials on the site to get you started on creating a course based on your knowledge. Even if you earn just a little money, it is better than nothing.

So if you are out there looking for a job and you have knowledge and information that other people would like to get, then consider the above tips to generate some income.

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