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Top ten New Year’s resolution for the job seeker

- Jan 2, 2013

If you are looking for work or just looking to change jobs, there resolutions can be your key to starting 2013 ready for all the opportunities the new year can bring.

1)      Get your resume in order – The first resolution for this year is to get your resume up to date and looking great. Make sure that you look back at some of our earlier posts (http://goo.gl/uJSSp) for ideas on handling employment gaps, styling and wording.

2)      Check your wardrobe – Make sure that your interview clothes are clean and ready to run right out to an interview. Remember: Always dress one notch higher than the people that you are interviewing with. If they wear jeans and t-shirts, you should wear new jeans and a button down shirt.

3)      Get your electronics in order – Make sure that your email is current and running well. Check that your telephone is ready for those phone calls. If you don’t have your own phone number, you can get a free number through Google Voice. You can get a phone number in your area for free and it will send you an email whenever someone calls.

4)      Reach out to your business contacts – Look through your list of contacts to find those people who might be able to help you find work. Be sure to look at people that you haven’t spoken to in a long time. An old friend might have exactly the employment contacts that you need.

5)      Go back to last year’s potentials – Recontact potential employers that you were most interested in working with. Email, make a phone call, or stop by and remind them that you (and your unique skills) are still out there and ready to work.

6)      Look outside the box – If you haven’t been having luck in your field, think outside the box. If you have been doing corporate sales, you will likely qualify as a sales manager for a retail company. Think someone outside your resume; the world is full of great opportunities.

7)      Practice interviewing – Sit with someone who knows how interview people and have them grill you. Ask you tough questions about your resume, including employment gaps and terminations. Be ready for the questions when they come from a potential employer.

8)      Look for new networking opportunities – Every community has opportunities that you need to network. Look for job fairs, Chamber of Commerce meetings or even a church luncheon where you might find someone who can help you get a job.

9)      Get your resume out into the world – Put your resume up on job sites, email them to large, local employers and submit your resume to employment agencies. This will let employers who are looking for someone to find you.

10)  Get some help – There is help everywhere for job seekers. State employment agencies can be great resources for potential employers and resume assistance. Local employment agencies are probably the single strongest place to get advice; an employment agency will know a lot of detail about local employers’ preferences and needs.

The new year is full of opportunities and hope. This year, 2013, looks to be a year with renewed employment, a much stronger economy and a chance for folks to get back on their feet.

What resolutions have you made for the new year for looking for work or changing jobs?

What resolutions, regarding employment, have you made that you found hard to keep?

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