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Tips to Survive Working for the Man (or Woman)

- Mar 25, 2013

For some people, working every day for a company is akin to torture, a slow spiral downward to retirement.

It might not all be sunshine and roses, but there is a way to survive it.

  • Remember what going to work gets you – If you can pay the rent, put gas in the car and watch the latest episode of your favorite show in HD, then your job is not the worst thing in the world.
  • Look for ways to make your job more interesting – There is always something that you can be doing at work that can make it more interesting, even if it is simply working out a math problem or practicing your Zen meditation.
  • Look at ways to move up – Always be looking at ways that you can (ethically) move into the corner office. It can be done, because in all likelihood the person there now did just that.
  • Look at ways to move out – In this age of rotating employees and disloyal companies, you can always be looking for a better job.
  • Go to school – You can take some night classes or look for free or low cost adult education. That will make the daily grind seem much less pointless.
  • Bring some life to work – You can start a bowling league or a club or some group at work. That way work feels more like real life and less like Purgatory.
  • Use your break with purpose – Rather sit staring at the wall or a TV, play a game of cards with a workmate or do a Sudoku puzzle or read a book. Use your break to make your life more pleasant, rather than sitting waiting for the whistle to blow.


Working every day at the same job can be boring, taxing and can drive you crazy but it can also be a great way to enhance your life and get you the things you want in life. It’s all in how you look at it.

 By: Bob Peryea

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