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Tips To Land An International Job

- Nov 7, 2013

Would you like to get a job abroad?

There are lots of benefits to working in another country. It is a chance to meet new people, live in a different geography and enjoy new cultures. Unlike a vacation, you would also get paid. These benefits have made a lot of Americans eager to work abroad. However, the process of getting jobs in other countries is far from easy.

This post would give you tips that would better prepare you for the international job search process.

The first thing you must know that an international job is different from a job in your home country. You would face several challenges. You have to ask yourself if it is okay to make this move. Discuss the move with family and friends. Many people decide to move outside the country due to emotional problems like job loss, death in the family, breakups. These are not usually good reasons to move abroad and find a job. Take time to think matters through before proceeding.

You should utilize social networks. to find these jobs since you are miles away. you can use either facebook or linkedin to find people who work in the countries and companies that you are interested in. Do informational interviews with them. tell them you are looking for a job in their country. Get to know them. Aside from the fact that they could help you get a job there, they would also be able to help you adapt to your new environment should you eventually move.

The next step is to prepare your passport and visa. Some people may put this off until they get the job but don’t do that. Many companies would only hire you if you already have a valid work visa. Getting your visa and passport ready would save you a lot of stress later on.

You should work on your resume/CV. Find out the best practices for resume and cv writing in your country of your choice and tailor your cv to suit the position you are going after. Take your time to prepare the best cover letter you can. Tell them why you are capable of performing in the role and country. Always make sure that your application reflects that you understand how things are done in your country of choice.

If you are invited for an interview, prepare well and focus on showing your worth to the employer. you should realize that you would have to do more than an ordinary candidate as you would be a higher cost to the employer.

If you passed the interview and you have accepted a job offer, then it is time to start preparing for an inevitable culture shock. Learn about the customs and etiquette in your country of choice. If the language is different from your home language, then you should start brushing up your language skills.

The key to getting an international job is to prepare and to be conscious of the fact that you have to adapt to situations that are specific to the country you would like to move to.

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