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Tips To Improve Interview Skills

- Dec 3, 2015

It is very important to prepare for a job interview. In order to give a strong first impression make sure you’re ready with these few steps.job-interview

Your Attire

This is one of the basics but is the most necessary factor from the point of view of your recruiter. Wearing formals or being neatly dressed will surely prove to be an added advantage in the selection process.


Your non-verbal communication may either make or break the situation. Extending a firm handshake, being confident, giving eye to eye contact, standing straight all this will be certainly be noticed.


It is very important to carefully listen to what your interviewer requires from you. Listening to your interviewer gives you a chance of knowing your interviewer even better and later match up to his level.

Talk Less

Remember it’s your interview and not a chat session. Talk as much as required. Over talking shows the sign of being nervous and unconfident. So beware!

Avoid Making Friendship

At times your interviewer might give you a chance to talk a little more but don’t take advantage of this chance by trying to be over friendly with your interviewer. Don’t forget you are there for a job and not to make friendship.

Proper Language

Make sure your language is proper. Strictly avoid using slang and be completely professional. Don’t speak out things related to caste, religion, age, gender as these might go against you and probably you might be asked to leave the room as soon as possible.

Don’t Show Off

Attitude makes a major difference so don’t be too reserved as over confidence may prove to be a point which may go against you. Avoid showing off your abilities, just present them. Remember there’s a fine line between confidence and over confidence.

Ask Questions

Don’t think the interview is just an answer session, you too can ask questions. Asking questions helps you know whether this is the correct workplace for you.

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