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Tips To Help New Employees Settle Quickly

- Oct 7, 2013

You have hired a new employee. Two weeks later, it is almost as if you did not hire anyone. The employee is not performing as you would expect. If you, as an employer, find yourself in this position, you might e tempted to think you made mistakes in the hiring process.

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However, some times, poor performance by an employee happens because the employee has not yet settled into the work environment.

Your employees have a direct impact on your bottom-line. Hence, when you hire an employee, you should try your best to ensure that s/he hits the ground running as soon as possible.

The following tips would enable you help your new employees to understand the environment and settle in time.


You should welcome your new employees with a great, feel-at-home atmosphere. This should go without saying but many employers, particularly small business owners, do not do this. Employers must ensure that new employees are comfortable starting from their first day at work. Help your new employees avoid the usual awkwardness that come as a result of being unfamiliar with your environment. To do this, devise means of creating a great atmosphere to welcome your employees.


Many small business owners have no real plan in terms of managing new employees. They make it up as they go. This can create a disorientating effect on new employees. Also, there is a high chance that new employees would have challenges in succeeding in the workplace.

You should take the time to sit down and create a structure or plan o help new employees fit into your business. You could decide to start with an orientation, then a tour of the work place followed by an introduction to other staff. The important thing is to make the process systematic so you can use it for all new hires.


It is necessary to ensure that the employee is not being rushed. You can not expect a perfect performance in the first week or even the first month of resumption. Create milestone targets that the employee would meet. This would allow the employee to adapt gradually.

When people are under too much pressure, they would under perform. By reducing the pressure on your new employees and allowing them time to settle in, you can ensure long term performance.

We hope you would consider the above tips when next you hire an employee. If you are looking for temporary workers in the Boston area, then you should contact us at Ace Employment Services.

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