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Tips To Handle An Upcoming Phone Interview

- Nov 25, 2013

Recruiters often use phone interviews to reduce the number of applicants before a face to face or panel interview. In the past, phone interviews were a very short not-so-detailed affair. Job seekers could afford to take it less seriously. Nowadays, with the increase in the number of people seeking employment, phone interviews have become more detailed. They are also more competitive.

So how do you ace the phone interview? If you are not the proper fit for a position, you are unlikely to get the job regardless of how many articles like this you read. Ultimately, you should take a look at your qualification and experience and see if you meet the requirements of a job posting. However, the following tips would enable you better communicate your value, skills and experience to the recruiter over the telephone.



As in all things, preparation is key. Most job seekers are guilty of not taking phone interviews as seriously as on-site ones. You need to stand out from other applicants and one way to do this is to take the phone interview seriously.

Research about the company and the job. Know what the roles call for and decide ahead how you would communicate to the recruiter that you are the most qualified for the role. Be prepared to talk about your previous jobs, your skills and accomplishment. Do not trivialize the interview because it is conducted over the telephone. Put in the same effort that you would put into a normal interview.


It can be distracting for the recruiter if you can’t hear him/her. Make sure your phone does not have reception issues. Most times it is better to use a land line.


Following the preparation theme above, make sure you practice for the interview.  Record your voice and make sure you are satisfied with how your voice sounds. You may rehearse answers to some of the questions you expect to be asked. Practice and use voice inflection.


Your environment matters a lot in having a successful phone interview. Go to a place where you won’t be distracted. You don’t want to have your phone interview in a place where people are entering and exiting.

It is also advisable to dress up. Yes, it may be a phone interview but dressing up would enable you come across as professional. You would sound more confident on the phone and you would be less distracted.


Congratulations in advance. You have prepared and practiced. You are in a quiet place expecting the call. Your dressing is an appropriate for an on-site interview. Then your phone rings. How do you answer?

“Good Morning, Joe Somebody Speaking,” is a good way to answer. Address the recruiter formally. Be calm in your answers. Smile while talking. It would reflect in your voice. Pause to think but try to avoid long pauses. Be succinct in your answers and avoid stammering.

By following the above the above tips, you would be able to show the interviewer that you are worth further consideration.

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