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Tips For Negotiating Salary

- Jun 28, 2016

You work every day to get paid and it is your salary that makes you feel refreshed after working for a month. However, when you face any interview and the time to discuss salary comes, most people feel uncomfortable. You may be one of them and accept the salary that is offered to you off the bat. Later you may think that you could have negotiated the salary.031211-how-to-make-a-salary-counter-offer

Salary negotiation is an art and by doing it successfully you just do not increase you’re starting salary and benefits but also make the way to be better paid later. Here are certain tips to help you out.

Tips for Negotiating Successfully

Before you face the interview board, you need to know about your market value. If you know your worth you can negotiate confidently. Asking your friends with similar positions or recruiters can help you judge your situation.

  • Once you know about the average pay for the position you are trying you will be in better position to negotiate. During interview try to gather information about the salary to be offered.
  • Most of the time the employer will ask you about your expectations. Do not state any figure. Try to be non-specific or if required you can tell them a range. Be careful, your attitude in front of them should be that it’s the job that matters not the salary!
  • Once they state any figure and you are not satisfied, be clear about it. Explain to them why this position should be compensated more. They should understand that you are asking for the work that you will be doing and just not the money. Make it clear to them that you are interested in the opportunity to work in their concern and both should be benefitted from the relation.
  • Yet, if you feel that the negotiation is not being positive and you are not satisfied with the salary, consider other options. Do not accept any offer where you are not satisfied with the salary. Many times saying ‘no’ to an amount offered can trigger the interviewer to offer increased salary, provided you had charmed them during the interview.

Thus, when you are sitting across the interview table, keep negotiating for your salary till you think it’s realistic. Do not set any expectations that are too high as there are many more candidates as deserving as you. If you are really worth it then any interviewer will love to pay for hiring your skills.  Don’t be arrogant, be confident.

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