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Tips for Job Interviews: 3 Things You Should Know

- Oct 3, 2014

Getting a phone call from a prospective employer asking you to come in for an interview is a very exciting time, but it can also be nerve wracking because you want to do your absolute best in hopes of landing the job. Many people have a good idea of what to do in an interview, if you need some helpful tips to pass that interview with flying colors, we are here to provide you just that.


Learn About the Company

One mistake many people make is not knowing enough about the company they are interviewing for. Before you go into your interview you should do plenty of research about the company and know what their goals are, and do they go along with yours. Many interviewers will ask you why you want to work for their company and what made you choose their company. If you know the basics about their company you will have a great answer to this question.

Dress Appropriately

This is a major must for any interview, and most people know that they shouldn’t arrive wearing jeans and a t-shirt. But did you know that it’s possible to overdress for an interview? It is, some companies will pass you buy if you show up in a lavish gown or suit, they will be perplexed as to why you chose to dress this way, and most don’t like it because it makes you seem flashy and self-absorbed. The best way to go is always wear neutral colors and office appropriate clothes. For example, a woman could wear a knee-length skirt, with a button down shirt tucked in, you could also throw on a blazer. Men, wear a button down shirt and tie, with a pair of nice slacks. Wear dress shoes, but don’t wear anything too flashy and heels should not be more than 2 inches high.

Time is Important

Let’s put it this way, if you were a busy person that set time out of their day to give you an interview, would you be upset if the person showed up late? Chances are yes, it’s critical to show up to your interview on time. If you don’t, it can also send a message to the interviewer that you will not be on time for your job, and this will more than likely get you passed over. Since problems do arise in situations when we need to be somewhere at a certain time, you should prepare and leave for the interview early. You don’t know if the interstate might be backed up or if road construction is taking place. Always be prepared.

One last thing that many people don’t realize is important, a firm handshake sends a great message to the interviewer. Don’t give a flat and limp handshake, a firm one will show that you are confident and ready to work!

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