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Tips For Gathering Feedback From Employees

Derek Cirino - May 1, 2019


Reluctancy is a common trait when encouraging feedback from employees. Many reasons stand in the way from the honest truth behind how employees may feel about their position, management, or the work environment. Gathering feedback information is crucial for implementing transparency and measuring the work culture. Taking anonymous surveys is also a great way to see if employees are satisfied and are still feeling enticed to work their best.  Understanding the professional needs of your employees may serve as a starting point for assembling improvements. A variety of tactics can be deployed to gather feedback from employees.


•  Make Anonymous Surveys

Employees are more likely to voice their opinion through anonymity. Many may fear certain repercussions due to making complaints or having significant troubles. By having an anonymous platform like an anonymous survey, you save your employees the dreaded judgment. Gauge how they feel about upper-level management and their level of value they receive.


•  Provide Incentives

Suggest a raffle, a trip, or even a benefit as an incentive for providing feedback. Many employees wish their company would sponsor a vacation or help contribute to their long term investments therefore, certain perks can be utilized as encouragement. Consider raffling an all-expenses-paid vacation or making small contributions to their long term goals. Some research into your employees’ interests may help to understand what incentives would reap the greatest participation.


•  Establish a Transparent Culture

Make an inviting and transparent work environment by investing in corporate merchandise, catered lunch, and occasional happy hours. Having fun with your team creates comradery and transparency. Your employees are more likely to talk to you and provide feedback if they can resonate with you. Some corporate merchandise such as pens or mugs for your team can create unity and, lunches along with happy hours can be a great place for casual feedback discussions. Make a fun and easy atmosphere to invoke organic feedback instead of making intimidating demands.


•  Create a Personal Concerns Box

Many employees might have personal distress not allowing them to fully focus on their work. They may have medical issues, housing or rental market challenges, and possibly financial troubles. Having a personal concern box will give critical work affecting issues a voice to be heard. Employees can write down a personal concern they may be experiencing and drop it in the box. You can make some time towards the end of the day to acknowledge their hardships and possibly lend a helping hand. Taking a look behind the scenes of the workday can provide some insight into your employees’ work performance.


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