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Three Parts of Recruitment

Derek Cirino - Mar 8, 2017

According to a survey that was conducted by “Development Dimensions International”, successful organizations do a lot of things before hiring a candidate. They don’t just look into resumes and call individuals. The organization takes into consideration many factors and figures out if the candidate would suit them completely or not! According to a VP of a staffing agency, companies have specific tools and techniques to handle their hiring routine. These tools and practices are associated to the firm’s success. Studies revealed that organizations with better hiring methods enjoyed higher ROI, productive and employee satisfaction.

Here is a quick walk through of a few important parts of the hiring process.

#1 Talents

First of all, the hiring company goes through the candidate’s resume. They look for specific skills and talents. More than 94% of the world’s finest companies use interviews to filter their candidates. These interviews are broken into several forms and stages. By the end of each interview, the HR knows if the candidate promises a better future for their firm. Some companies host special behavior based interviews to see how the candidate handles tough situations!

According to a recent study, manual resume searches and screening process are likely to fade away. In the next half-a-decade, organizations are likely to automate their screening process. This makes recruitment faster and easier! Around 20% of the world’s finest organizations are planning to engage in computer assisted interviews.

#2 Assessments

The talk about recruitment will remain incomplete without “Assessments”. This is considered as one of the most daunting moments for any candidate. The assessments range across different levels of complexity and effectiveness. Extensive use of testing and complex assessments can be tiring. However, organizations are sticking to more-and-more assessments and testing methods. This means, candidates are expected to know all about their role and job. Likewise, the assessments reveal how motivated the candidate is to get the job.

#3 The Others

With respect to role based recruitment, most organizations choose external candidates over internal ones for mid- or senior- roles. This is because external candidates come from different worlds and have a wide range of experiences. Whereas, internal candidates with very little understanding of the outside world will not be able to make sound judgements (a theoretical belief in many firms).

On the whole, recruitment is a challenging puzzle. Hiring the right candidate for a firm is easy said than done! Above all, it is a never ending process!  ACE Employment Services has been solving the recruitment puzzle for over 28 years.  Give us a call to speak to one of our consultants.

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