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Things to avoid when starting a new job

Derek Cirino - Feb 13, 2020

The first day at any job can be exciting and unnerving at the same time. While joining a new job, it is your responsibility to put your best foot forward. It helps to create a positive and lasting first impression on everyone. You should strongly avoid the following when joining a new job:

Being Late

Being late on the first day of a new job is probably the worst thing you can do. It can severely damage your reputation among peers and seniors. You should make all arrangements in advance to ensure that you reach the office on time.

Dressing Unprofessionally

You must check with your new employer about any dress code which they may have. You should always dress formally as it projects you as a responsible and mature person. Avoid wearing dresses that are uncomfortable. Women should try to maintain minimal makeup and keep their hair neatly tied. Making a strong and positive first impression really matters in the workplace.

Pulling Your Rank

If you have landed a job in a senior rank, then you should avoid pulling your rank. Bossing around on staff does not help in any way. They will develop a negative image of you and may be reluctant to communicate with you on important issues. You should win their trust and ensure their cooperation. Bossing around also shows that you are insecure at your job.

Making Immediate Changes

A common mistake that people do after joining a new job is to start making immediate changes. You should not treat your new workplace as a platform to show off your skills and experience. It is always better to take some time to understand the workplace, its culture, people, processes, etc. This will help you understand any problems or bottlenecks which you can address appropriately over time. Trying to make changes from the first day may not help you win the trust of others at the workplace.

Act Unprofessionally

When you join a new job, it is your responsibility to act in the most professional manner with everyone at the workplace. there are some basic workplace etiquettes which you should follow. You should not make any personal or discriminatory remarks of any kind on anyone at the workplace. Employees have started spending more time on their smartphones which hamper workplace productivity. You should refrain from using your smartphone unnecessarily at the workplace. If there is an urgent call, attend to it without disturbing others.

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