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The Recruitment Process Explained

- Dec 1, 2014

Job hunting or job change is probably the widespread word amongst most of us. Or you might be one of those lucky top notch candidates receiving frequent calls from recruiters. Irrespective of the position, once we fall in this phase of the job change or have applied in an organization, this process is usually referred as under “Recruitment” process. And, this cycle consists of a series of steps before being on board of an organization or department.


As mentioned earlier, the process involved in selecting a person or short-listing a job seeker for specified job requirement is termed as Recruitment. The technique of staffing has drastically changed over a period; earlier recruiting of an applicant is done through a paper advertisement or word of mouth. Then the organization’s top management has a direct interaction with the applicant looking through their academics and previous experience and accordingly taken aboard. This procedure was followed by both Private and Government Organizations, irrespective for a short or long-term employment.

But, now the market has come up with a separate entity called as a staffing industry. Wherein, a talent recruiting team, is appointed to shortlist the candidates for different organizations and different departments. The staffing team involves in strategic steps before selecting the applicant for the placed job requirement.

The staffing or hiring of job applicants does not require a separate team to perform the process. Big corporate anyhow employ recruiting teams for scrutinizing, screening and integrating with the right candidate before hiring them on roles.

The staffing team can recruit a new team only when the individual has a resume with all the details related to their academics, previous experience, personal details, technical skills, and other achievements. With the help of these details, the staffing team can be cross-check your candidature and also imply if you are a suitable person for the applied vacancy.

There are separate organizations that are entirely dedicated to the process of employment. They fall under the staffing industry. The teams, here through a portal, browse through multitude resumes and match them against the requirement raised by different employers.

Apart from external hiring system, few organizations follow the process of internal recruitments. The current trend followed by the service industry is to employ the candidate from within their organization rather than fishing for some other source. This might involve in promoting a person, or calling in for different roles in a different department.

The recruitment activity has become extensive in every industry and supported all aspects like voluntary or non-profit firms or training programs or any other activity.

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