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The Many Responsibilities of HR

- Apr 21, 2015

Of all the departments that are required to run an organization, the onus of managing the employees lies with the HR department. It is only a well run HR department that can provide the confidence to an organization to reach new heights. There are numerous functions of the HR department that have a bearing on how the organization is finally run. How the HR department performs each of these roles defines the way the organization will treat its employees.

Human resources

One of the most important roles of the HR department is of staffing and recruitment. No organization can run without the support of its employees. However, merely hiring any kind of people may not be the answer here. It is important that the HR department carefully understands what kind of employees are required by the organization. Depending upon such understanding the HR department can find the employees who would be the perfect match to the organization’s requirement. Hence carrying out effective staffing and recruitment is an important component of the HR department.

Any organization can become successful with the presence of good workforce. Further, the number of employees in the organization must be as per the requirement. It is important to ensure that at no time is the organization over populated or under populated by employees. In either of the case the organization’s efficiency will be adversely affected. Ensuring this is also the task of the HR department. Hence the HR department has to find a correct match between hiring and firing the employees.

The HR department is responsible for myriad of functions apart from recruitment, hiring and staffing. During the process of hiring and recruitment the HR department is involved during the process of selection. Everything from monitoring the body language of the candidates to finalizing the interview process comes within the ambit of the HR department. Once the candidates clear the interview process, the HR department has the responsibility of grooming the candidate.

Apart from this the HR department is also responsible for attracting new talent. We often go through many job searches and job portals. The advertisements that are put out by an organization are also decided upon the HR department. Further it is the HR department that is responsible for coordinating with the job portals to identify the employees that are worth hiring.

Once the employees have been hired, the next step is of training and development. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the employees are provided with adequate tools in terms of equipment and training so that they can discharge their duties more effectively. The new employees require not only technical training but also organizational orientation so as to make them familiar with the details of the organization in which they might be working. Further, in case employees are hired for managerial positions, leadership training may also be imparted to them to ensure that they fulfil their role as a leader.

Hence we see that by fulfilling a gambit of responsibilities, the HR department ensures the smooth running of the organization.

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