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The Best Jobs in America

- Apr 4, 2013

One look at the US News and World Report 100 Best Jobs Guide might leave you a bit perplexed. (http://money.usnews.com/careers/best-jobs/rankings/the-100-best-jobs)

It’s no great surprise that of the top 10 jobs, most of them are in the medical or computer fields. But, you might not guest what the #1 job in America is.

The number one job in America, according to US News, is…a Dentist! The average salary for dentists is $142,740. Not only that but the field is expected to grow by 21.1% by 2020. That’s a lot of new people to look in our mouths.

Dental Hygienist came in at #10 with an average salary of $69, 280. This is one of those jobs that they advertise on TV as being able to be learned in 9 months on Saturdays! Not too shabby for that kind of money.

Other medical jobs on the list:

Registered nurse – #2 – $65,690 – Not only will the field grow, but the salaries will probably         increase as well. After all, as any nurse will tell, it’s the nurses who do most of the actual         medical care anyway.

Pharmacist – #3 – Did you know that their average salary is around $113,390? Whoa. According   to US News, there will be 70,000 more pharmacist jobs in this decade. Do the math… that’s  about 10,000 new jobs a year.

Physician – #5 – You know they had to be on the list. They make bank at $183,170, but they are   also in school for like 35 years and owe a king’s ransom in student loans. Nonetheless, $183K is   enough for a lot of rounds of golf and a private tennis court.

Physical Therapist – #8 – This is one that you might not think of. With an average salary of            $78,270, they do very well for themselves. Of course, with an aging population and lots of unhealthy people hurting themselves, these folks have job security.

So where are the tech guys?

They are #4 (Computer Systems Analyst), #6 (Database Administrator), #7 (Software Developer) and #9 (Web Developer). These are all the core positions in computer programming. The best parts of these positions is that the training is generally about four years. Unlike a doctor, you don’t need to go to school for 12 more years to make these mid-70s salaries.

The list of top 100 jobs can be a great place to understand and predict what’s coming up next. After all, American business will always pay the positions that make them the money. And as long as its making them money, it’s a secure job.

Check it out and give us a call. We will help you find your top 100 job!

By: Bob Peryea

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