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The Art Of The Unsolicited Job Application

- Oct 17, 2013

Are you currently searching for a job? Do you constantly check job listings and job boards? Are those your only means of job hunting? You may be limiting yourself by focusing only on vacancies posted by companies. If you are currently searching for a job and you want to increase your chances of getting a job, then you must start making unsolicited job applications. Most employers consider unsolicited resumes or file them away for future recruitment.

In an unsolicited application, you are taking the initiative to contact a company even though they may not have indicated that they need new staff. Most people do not want to do this. After all, the prospective employer has not put out notice for new workers. However, you should be proactive in seeking out job opportunities and sending in resumes unsolicited is one way to do this.

The first thing to do when sending an unsolicited application is to research the target. What company are you targeting? Who is in charge of recruitment? Who are you likely to report to when employed? Find out something about their business that would enable you to personalize your cover letters. The more personalization you do on your unsolicited applications, the more likely that it would be treated as something important. Research is key to getting results from an unsolicited application.

You should also prepare a great cover letter. In your cover letter, use the research you have done. Tell them why you want to work in the company. Show them that you understand their business and their goals. Tell them the position you are hoping to get in the company. Make sure you spell out how you hope to contribute to their business. Businesses are after people who can (1) Make them money (2) Save them money and (3) Save them time. If you can do all three, then great. Make them know what they are missing by not employing you. Of course, you should do this with tact so that you don’t come across as boastful.

You should tailor your resume to the company. The tips about the cover letter come in handy again. Make sure your resume is as good as it can be. The resume and the cover letter should market your ability to add value to the target company.

Who should you send your unsolicited application to? Hopefully, you would have done your research and known the decision makers in the company. We recommend that you send copies to the person in charge of human resources/recruitment as well as to a line manager that you are likely to report to if employed.

Unsolicited job applications can be a great way to get a job in the current economy as many job seekers are not very proactive. If you take the step to send out several personalized and tailored applications, you will surely find one or two companies who would call you in for an interview.

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