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The Art Of The New Years Resolution

- Dec 30, 2013

Every January, billions of people worldwide make resolutions to do certain things in the New Year. Before March, many would have failed to keep their resolutions. Since it is so difficult to keep resolutions, is there any need to make resolutions at all?

Before you toss away the idea of making yet another New Year resolution, you should understand why people fail to keep their resolutions. Most people believe that a new year would somehow enable them get over bad habits and start living a better life. There is nothing magical about January. However, it is a great time to assess your life and make a decision to improve in all aspects.

So how do you ensure that you will be able to keep your resolutions (if you decide to make them)?

Firstly, you must ensure that the changes you are proposing do not overwhelm you. Ideally, make just one or two resolutions. Most people fail to keep their resolutions simply because they have made unrealistic resolutions. Your resolutions should be concrete and measurable. They should not be too drastic. For example, a freelance writer who has written an average of 250 words per day in the last year should not suddenly make a resolution to write 5000 words per day. Pick modest goals.

You would face obstacles while trying to accomplish your resolutions. You stand a better chance of getting past these obstacles if you prepare ahead. Make a list of likely problems and think of how you are going to solve them. Do this ahead of time and you would be in a better position to accomplish those resolutions.

You have to be totally committed to your goal. Remind yourself everyday of the goal. It is easy to quit and you will get opportunities to abandon your goal but if you are completely dedicated, you will be able to accomplish your resolutions.

By March, most resolutions are like pain to those who make them. You would want to abandon your resolutions. One way to counter this is to give yourself rewards—and punishments—depending on whether or not you keep to your resolutions. For example, you could have an accountability partner who would keep an eye on your efforts. If you fail to meet your goals, you pay your accountability partner an amount of money. At the same time, reward yourself with every progress you make in accomplishing your new year’s resolutions. These ideas can help to make the year fun as you accomplish the one or two resolutions for the year.


What are your plans for the New Year? What resolutions have you made for 2014? Let us know in the comments.

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