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The 2013 Jobs Forecast: How to be a Part of the Wave

- Feb 11, 2013

Nearly every business indicator says that hiring will pick up this year. Manufacturers, retail and service industries are all expecting to hire more people. For many people, it is not happening fast enough, but it is happening.

We hear you saying it, “What does that mean for me?”

If you have a career path, you probably know where to go to find work. Make sure that you dig deep for every contact you have ever had. Use the employment agencies near you to help you find work. If they find you the job you want and you have to pay them, it’s better than unemployment.

If you don’t have a career path, here are a few ways to find one:

  1. Go to college – It’s okay if you already have a degree. This time, only take classes that really excite you. Maybe basket-weaving wasn’t on the list the first time around; Longaberger has done alright. Go. Have fun. Experiment.
  2. Start changing jobs – Maybe you have too many responsibilities to just walk away. Start working part-time on the career you want. A couple of hours a day will be a full-time endeavor in no time.
  3. Ask around – Maybe you have some ideas, but you are wondering what it will take to do what you want. Find someone who is already doing it and see how they got there. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  4. Talk to those closest to you – If you are on a path that is not your true path, the people closest to you already know it. As them what they think you should do. They probably know.
  5. Read a book – There is a book (and 30 websites) about every subject on the planet. Find the resources and see what they say about what it takes to do what you want.
  6. Go for it – If you get a whim, try it. See what happens when you just give it a go.

There are some slightly more scientific ways to find a new or related career.

One way is to see an employment agency. Very often, they can see better how certain skills and interests can lead to new careers. Find someone who is willing to sit with you and talk about your future. They might even be able to help you find the right job.

Another is to find online career tests. There are a thousand tests that you can take that will take you through a bunch of questions. Once you get to the end, it will show you what careers you might enjoy and be good at.

The key to being truly great at a job is being truly happy with it. You are not stuck in your current career. Sometimes, changes in jobs can be a great reason to find a new career path.

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