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How To Tackle Tough Interviews

Derek Cirino - Apr 4, 2017

Even the world’s smartest individual has to focus and prepare for challenging interviews. You will definitely come up with the question – “Why?” Well, interviews are much more than theoretical qualifications or degrees. Interviews are more-or-less learnt skills and you may not get that second chance. If you want to bag your dream job, you must make a promising first impression. With this being said, here are few tips to enhance your interview skills. 

#1 Confidence

First of all, you should know to present confidence. Always remember that good eye contact can do wonders during an interview. You should connect with the other person through sturdy body gestures. For example, give them a firm handshake and sit up straight. Positive non-verbal impressions can give you a great beginning and a wonderful ending to the session.

#2 Proper Outfits

Never compromise on dressing during interviews. A lot of people tend to forget about dressing during technical interviews. This can be a fatal move! Be well-groomed and good smelling. Poor dressing styles will be a turn off. Understand more about the company’s work culture and dress accordingly. If the company follows a specific dress code, you should stick onto it! This may impress the interviewer and increase your chances of going forward.

#3 Listen

“Listening” is a very important skill during interviews. Always remember that your interviewer is trying to provide you with details. They may not do this directly. However, they will bless you with plenty of indirect information. If you fail to “listen”, you may miss all these details. “Listening” plays a very important role in communication skills. Observe and learn stuff from your interviewer. Try to fall in line with their pace and style. Meanwhile, you shouldn’t talk a lot. This is when interviewers spot critical mistakes and your flaws. Prepare well for the role and talk what is relevant. Try to stress on skills and talents that relate to the job.

#4 Your Moves

Remember that interviews are formal business meetings. It is not a tea party or a meeting with your good, old friend! This is why you should stay within limits and not get too familiar. Excess enthusiasm may miss the interviewer. So, think twice before overstepping. You should use the right kind of language. Don’t go too sweet or be cocky. Be aware of every word you spill in the interview room. Choose topics wisely and never be quick to draw conclusions.

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