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Summer Employment for Educators

- May 23, 2013

So you have the summer off? Of course, everyone thinks that summer for teachers is all pina coladas and beach parties. No one ever notices how you come back from summer tired and squinting at the sun.

Since you are probably going to work through the summer anyway, here are some ideas for work that you might find fun and might get you a bit of sunshine.

Camp Counselor – You’re an expert with children, right? Might as well get in a little canoeing and swimming and exercise. There are camps of every possible type all over the country. Religious camps and camps based around organizations are everywhere. They would love to have a professional teacher in the group.

Park Ranger – Well, not technically a park ranger, but there are a lot of seasonal jobs with the park services, at both the federal and state levels. An entire summer spent giving tours or picking up in a park or counting wildlife can be an awesome time.

Teach a class – You might start a basket weaving class or teach tai chi in the park. You might not make a lot of money, but this could be a great way to have a lot fun and spend time with a lot of great people you wouldn’t normally get to spend time with. Your city’s parks department can probably set you up with the information you need.

Amusement park attendant – What could be better than watching all of those kids who drove you crazy all year get off of a ride at an amusement park sick to their stomachs. Okay, it doesn’t have to be that vicious; it might just be fun to watch children playing and having a great time. And lots of sunshine.

House sitting– Who can you trust more than a teacher? Well, there might be some great times to be had watching someone else’s house while they are away. There are services that you can find online that will connect you with people who need house sitting services.

Freelancing – Check out our other blog posting on freelancing. You can make a bunch of money online writing or translating or whatever. Freelancing can be a great change of pace during the school year as well.

If you aren’t working this summer, it could be a great chance to make some money and have a great time. Check out these great jobs. If you find more that you want to share with us, please send us a message.

By| Bob Peryea

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