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How To Successfully Recruit Top Talent

Derek Cirino - Sep 11, 2017

Most businesses tend to stand on the support provided by their founder at the initial stage, but over time they expand to be a mix of not only the offered product or service but the employees working together to get the product or service delivered. As a business owner, it is important to understand that your startup’s success is not dependent on the quality of talent hired. However, you stand a better chance of surviving when you hire the best talent possible.

Importance of recruiting top employees

Many entrepreneurs consider the process of hiring employees as strictly the function of an office manager or human resource personnel. Unfortunately, this is not true. Any company aspiring to make it to the top must be willing to take hiring very seriously – if possible, to a higher level. The easiest and best way to hire top talent is to attract them to your firm. You don’t even have to recruit them, just lure them in. This is how it can be done.


Offer good compensation

This definitely has to come first because everyone has to pay something to live. Despite being a very important responsibility, pay is just one piece of the puzzle. Employees tend to be attracted to an organization that pays well. However, paying a fair wage is good but there are other factors that help to keep your employees. A horrible environment paying a little higher than the industry may attract good talent but this will only last for a while they will surely leave for greener pastures once they realize what is going on with the company.


Cater for your environment

There are several factors that make up a working environment including technology, equipment, and location. Your environment can also be influenced by the culture and personality of your business. Over time, an organization with a grumpy, negative environment will lose its best hands. So, watch your environment and make your employees feel at home.


Provide equal employment opportunity

Screening potential candidates in a way that contravenes the laws enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is simply not acceptable. From the very onset, try not to discriminate your job descriptions. It is highly recommended to outsource or hire a freelance human resources manager particularly if you’re not comfortable with handling the recruitment function on your own.


Get an employee value proposition

Just so you know, the real task of attracting top talents sets in once you’ve obtained your legal job scopes. There is the need for an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) particularly if you’re looking to obtain the best employees and get them enlisted in your company. Asking why an employee would want to work here is the essential question any EVP will address. If you want to attract the cream de la cream to your company, you must be willing to make your EVP look attractive.

With great vision, you need great people

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