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Staffing Your Growing Business: Options To Consider

- Apr 9, 2014

Are you a freelancer who has been getting more work than you can handle? Are you a sole proprietor who handles marketing, production, accounting and administration? Have you thought of finding other ways to cope with the pace of your growing business?


It can be a difficult task to do all sorts of tasks when your business is growing. However, as a small business owner, you might not want to take the risk of employing full time staff.

If you need an extra pair of hands or staff to help reduce your work load and help you achieve business growth, you don’t necessarily need to employ full time staff. Here are some options to consider in staffing your growing business:


A good temp agency would provide you with qualified candidates who can help you with certain administrative or support functions. They will ask about your business to learn what the workplace is like and your expectations when bringing in a worker.  Good agencies look beyond the resume to assure a cultural fit as well.  This is particularly useful if the increase in your work load is often seasonal. By working with a temp agency like Ace Employment Services, you can quickly get screened candidates to help you increase productivity in your business.


If your family members or friends have the right skills, why not hire them? It can be easy to arrange a situation where they can help on part time basis. However, even though they are family or friends, it is necessary to draw up a contract and offer fair compensation in return for services rendered.


Legally, freelancers are known as independent contractors. When you hire a freelancer, you don’t have the challenges of employment taxes and payroll management to deal with as freelancers are self-employed.  You can get specialized help by using freelancers. This is a great means of staffing your business.  However, do your due diligences before you hire a freelancer.


You can outsource the non-core functions in your business to an external organization. In fact, even essential functions like accounting and HR can be outsourced. Outsourcing saves you time and allows you to focus squarely on activities that impact the bottom-line.

If your business is growing faster than you can keep up with, you may not need to hire full time employees. Explore the options in this article and save yourself time. If you decide to collaborate with a staffing agency, then consider Ace Employment Services.

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