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Staffing & Recruitment: Two Sides Of The Same Coin

- Jan 6, 2015


Staffing and recruitment are two sides of the same coin.  Staffing is a division of recruitment, where the employee is not on the company payroll.  It is the process of obtaining, organizing and holding on to the employees with caliber to improve the organization.  Recruitment, on the other hand, is the overall process of placing ads, choosing and appointing candidates for the jobs within the organization.  Business firms use recruitment or staffing agencies to assist the companies find candidates as per the company’s requirement.  When a vacancy arises, the organizations provide their requirements to the agency partnered with.  The staffing agency matches the requirement with the skills of the applicant.  When an agency finds the prospective applicant whose skills match with that of the company, they conduct interviews.  In the interview process, they identify the strengths and weakness of the candidate.  If the staffing firm is satisfied then they will recruit the candidates on their payroll and depute them to the client firm.  They pay their employees and later bill their clients.

On the other hand, recruitment is an internal recruitment or an in-house recruitment.  The HR or managers of the company conduct the recruitment process.  They place the ads for the position in papers, new media, and so on.  The candidates CV are screened and shortlisted as per the requirement of the position.  Then the interview¬ aptitude or psychological test–is conducted.  Apart from the face to face interview, a thorough background check—checking on the educational qualifications and authenticating it, contacting the previous recruiters and checking their background–is conducted.  After the screening process, they are hired by the organization and are on their payroll.

The internal process of the staffing firm includes placing ads, networking, seeking out passive candidates, screening the candidates and hiring.

Placing ads: When an organization recruits an agency to fill a vacancy, they advertise for the position.

Screening the candidates: The staffing agency contacts the prospective candidates once they receive an application for the various vacant positions in the company.  They match the requirements of the organization with the skills of the candidate.  They conduct an interview and make background checks—checking on the educational qualifications and authenticating it, contacting the previous recruiters and checking their background.

Hiring: Once a candidate is identified, either the client will hire the candidate directly or the staffing firm will pay the employee while the candidate is temporarily working there.

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