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Staffing Agencies: A Basic Outline of How They Work

- Apr 7, 2015

In the down turned economy, many workers find themselves without jobs and the labor market for their type of skills very closed. This employment/unemployment situation is difficult for both the worker and the employer. To help with the situation, they turn to staffing agencies to solve their hiring problems.shutterstock_businessarrowup

A staffing agency helps bridge the gap for those stuck between jobs or for a business needing a temporary or permanent worker. Staffing agencies have an army of workers with varied skills that they can place in different jobs.

When an employer does not have the time or resources to send out a recruiting campaign, they often turn to staffing companies to fill jobs. The agency advertises openings by posting on their website, social media platforms, recruiting events, networking and job boards. They contact and qualify the candidates via resumes and phone calls and conduct interviews just like regular job openings.

The staffing agency follows the same process as any employer when they receive applications. They contact candidates who meet the criteria, interview, and do background screening and skills testing to the employer’s specifications.

You may find yourself in the enviable position of being the best candidate for the job. You will then be hired by the staffing agency, not the employer. Your paycheck and benefits will be issued from the staffing agency. Your length of employment is determined by the employer and HR will liaise with the agency.

Type of Jobs Filled by Staffing Agencies

Temporary jobs have a set duration and often times can and will be extended. Temp-to-perm jobs are used by employers who want to gauge your ability to work for the company. You are hired upfront as a temporary worker and assuming the employee and employer are compatible you would then be converted to a permanent employee, usually after a specified amount of time.

Permanent or direct hire positions put the staffing agency in the position of a recruiter. They provide screening and hiring services for regular positions for client companies. After the staffing agency passes you, the employer conducts their interviews and handles the direct hire.

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