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Six Tips To Become More Productive In Your Work

- Oct 11, 2013

We all want to achieve more in our careers. The secret to being successful is to model success. An analysis of successful people would show that they made good use of their time. How can you achieve more in your work? How can you get more out of the time you spend working?

The following tenets are the principles that guide productive people.


Successful idea executors tend to take action while others are still hesitating and trying to make up their minds. It is a good thing to plan and prepare but you get to a point where you need to act. Don’t continue to plan and daydream.

If there are ideas that you have that you have spent a lot of time fine tuning, now is the time to take action towards turning to reality. If you want to be more productive, then you must cut out the procrastination.


Sometimes we get discouraged by the enormity of the task. One way to stop this situation from reducing our productivity is to start small. Find a smaller way to put an idea in motion and test it. Gradually, you can scale up the idea.


Following from the above, it is advisable to break projects into chunks in order to make it more achievable. Imagine you are told to eat an elephant. On the face of it, this seems like an impossible task but if you realize that the eating can be done bit by bit, then you will find it more achievable.

To use a more mundane example, let’s say you have a task to call hundred new customers. The enormity of the task may stop you in our tracks. However, if you take it one call at a time, you would soon realize it is easier than first thought.


One key way to develop a habit is to do it everyday. After some time, it becomes easier to do. You should work on your projects regularly. Even if what you do each day seems minimal, it would add up on the long run.

If you work on your ideas and tasks on a regular schedule, you would be more productive.


Many people would have been more productive but their mindset is an obstacle towards their goals. You have to be positive in your outlook in order to achieve more.

It is hard to get down and do the work needed to be successful when you are thinking negatively.


Ultimately, every person is different. You would come across a lot of rules and laws of productivity but they are no use if they stifle your life. Ditch any advice that does not work for you.

You should do what feels best for you and use these tips only as a starting guide.

We hope you have gained by reading these tips. Apply them today and be more productive in your work.

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