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Should You Learn Another Language?

- Sep 23, 2014

75% of Americans understand only English. That alone is enough reason for you to decide to learn another language. Success in life often comes by having qualities that differentiate you from other people. Your ability to speak a second language would set you apart from others and help you survive the intense competition that comes with the best jobs.


In today’s global economy, the ability to converse in a foreign language can help seal cross border deals. Consequently, companies value employees who can speak other languages and they often pay above market rates to candidates that bring language skills to the table.

As a bilingual/multilingual employee, you would be very marketable. For example, in manufacturing and retail sectors in the US, being able to speak Spanish is considered a premium skill. Your language skills would make you attractive to employers.

When you speak a second language, you increase the number of job opportunities open to you and you are not limited to the US. You can apply for jobs internationally and for global companies. Global companies need candidates who have the skills to fit into a variety of cultures and being multilingual helps demonstrate that skill. Foreign language fluency would improve your chances of getting fulfilling work. Even if you are currently working, being able to speak another language would get your supervisors/managers to put you on interesting and important projects.

Research indicates that there are indirect benefits to being multilingual. Being multilingual could help you develop the ability to quickly come up with solutions to problems. Also, being able to speak multiple languages would improve your ability to multi-task successfully and we all know just how much of multi-tasking we have to do these days in our jobs.

There are social benefits to being multilingual. People consciously or unconsciously respect those who can speak a second language. Also, your ability to speak two or more languages would improve your ability to interact with other people and that is crucial in business. When your interpersonal skills improve, you will be more successful at work. A crucial interpersonal skill is being able to converse well with people and what better way to speak with people than to speak in their languages?

So if you are monolingual, start learning a second language today. Use the internet to get free lessons and learn a language now. Some of the important languages to learn include French and Spanish.

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