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Seven Steps To Career Development

- Sep 30, 2013

Are you happy with your career as it currently stands> Would you like better opportunities or would you like to advance your career? The obvious answer to those questions is Yes. In order to take control of your employment trajectory, you need a plan. You can not develop your career without a proper plan in place.


In order to formulate a good plan that would aid you till you are contented with your career, you need to follow the following seven steps:

1. Follow your Passion

The first step in making a career plan is to follow your passion and use it to choose an industry you would like to work with. It is hard to transition from one industry to another, so when you pick an industry, make sure it is one you would like to work in for a long time. That is why it is better to follow your passion.

2. Know Your Strength

You should know what strengths that you possess that others don’t. This would be your competitive advantage. You would use this in your personal branding process. if you do not know what strengths you possess, you can not market yourself as being better than the competition. This would stall your progression in your current job as well as stop you from getting better opportunities in the future. So learn how to promote yourself and show people what you can do.

3. Have a Strong Resume and Cover Letter

Even if you are not currently looking for a job, it is always essential to follow best practices and have a great resume that you can pass around at anytime. The current employment situation worldwide encourages job mobility and as a result, you should always have good resumes and cover letters to pass around to members of your network. If you are still at the beginning of your career, this is even more important. We have discussed the writing of resumes in this blog before.

4. Network

If you are a frequent reader of career blogs, you may feel that this word has become a buzzword. However, you have to take networking seriously if you hope to go far in your career. You must continually build relationships that could help you in future when you want to move up in your career or search for other opportunities.

5.  Utilize Social Media

There are several social media sites that you can join to help you network online but the most important is linkedin. Work on your linkedin profile and see it as an opportunity to sell yourself. Write thought pieces and white papers about your industry and put them on your linkedin profile.

6. Continuous Learning and Research

You have to keep learning about new practices and theories in your field. That means you should continuously read and research about your industry. if you keep abreast with the trends in your field, you would be able to offer better value for your current as well as future employer. Continuous education helps you to stay relevant and also build your career.

7.  Master Interviews

There are several types of interviews that you should master. Do mock interviews with friends even if you are not currently looking for a job. Learn how to use interviews to communicate to employers that you are the best fit for the job.

Also, conduct informational interviews with members of your network to enable you get information and inside knowledge in your industry. The information gathered as a result of this can help you in building your career.

If you follow this steps and continually fine tune it according to your individual circumstances, you would be much closer to having a successful career and be where you would like to be in your career.  For advice or additional tips – contact Ace Employment Services today.

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