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Self Improvement Tips For Combating Laziness

- Jun 30, 2014


Laziness can stop you from reaching your goals.  Many people would have achieved a lot in life if not for the fact that they did not put in the necessary hard work needed to succeed.  Some people may argue that hard work is not necessary in life and that you need to be lucky to succeed.  Well, as someone once said, ‘The harder you work – the luckier you get.”
Laziness may manifest itself in several forms: procrastination, lack of motivation and will power, time wasting e.t.c. If you must get things done, then it is important you overcome laziness and start doing.

A crucial part of succeeding is taking action on your goals. The tips below would help you stop being lazy and move closer to success.


It can be difficult to accept that you are lazy and demotivated but if you are to get out of the problem, you must accept that you have a problem with laziness and make up your mind to eliminate the problem.


Procrastination and laziness manifest themselves when you are not organized and your life is full of clutter and junk.  Spend some time to organize your work space and house.  This simple act can shoot your productivity through the roof.


In order to eliminate laziness, you must remove everything that is likely to distract you.  TV and games are some good examples.  By removing these things, you would eliminate all the escape routes that your mind may take in order to avoid work.


After organizing yourself, develop a schedule and make sure you follow it.  Laziness comes when you do not have strict plans for what you want to do with your time.  Plan your week ahead and make a decision to follow the schedule.


You should have goals that you would like to accomplish.  Make sure these goals are small and attainable.  You don’t want to overwhelm yourself.  As soon as you have built a reserve against procrastination and laziness, you can set the bigger goals.  However, every goal you set should be the one that improves your life.


Every time you accomplish a task, reward yourself for your efforts.  Of course, the reward should correlate to the type of tasks.  By rewarding yourself, you force your mind to make positive associations with task completion and it becomes easier to achieve your goals in the future.

Follow the above tips and you would be ahead in your race against laziness and underachievement.

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