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Resume Tips To Help You Get Hired

- Feb 3, 2015


Do you want to land a new job but you haven’t updated your resume in a while, or you are preparing your first interview and want to get the best results? We know how you feel, and because of that we have created a list with some of the best resume tips you need to follow in order to get hired.

Make your resume tell a story

Many of us tend to feel that the resume should be just a list, make sure that you combine the information and present it in a chronological manner. You should try to get a resume master list that contains all the information you need, with some bullet points created for each company, as this way you just need to copy and paste the information when you want to tailor the resume for a certain company and field of work.

It’s imperative to think that your resume is more of a story, and thus list your experience and achievements, because employers will want to determine the standout factors that make you more suited for the job.

Avoid choosing complicated templates

Sure, you can get a ton of resume templates online, but unless you are going to interview for a design position, go for the classical reverse chronological template, as this one is the best because it lists your experience first. Also, try to avoid a two page resume unless it’s necessary, so remove clutter information and post only relevant stuff.

Choose the proper formatting

Basic fonts are more than useful, and when it comes to their size, 10 or 12 is more enough. Simplicity is the key in this regard. You don’t have to include your personal address nowadays in the resume, but social media handles such as Twitter and LinkedIn are a good idea, especially if you want work in the IT sector. You can try to add photos in the resume, but visuals don’t impress recruiters, so you can avoid that entirely. If you want to stand out for a creative position, you might want to add up some presentations, infographics and so on.


Here you should show the recent 10-15 years as these showcase the most important experience in your field of work. A good idea is to add only a few bullets in each section, with the highest achievements showcased there. Talking about internships is a good idea, especially if you choose to opt for a sector where voluntary work or internships make your resume stand out.

Include figures, facts and maybe even some numbers when you post experience. Show how much you changed the previous workplace and quantify what you achieved, as this always provides you with amazing results.

Don’t repeat verbs and content overall, instead be creative. Present yourself like a performer in your resume, as this is very important, and also try to use keywords in your resume since it can help you a lot.


Education should be posted after experience, because the experience is the one standing out. If this is your first workplace, then you can post it in front. Avoid posting the graduation dates, and instead mark any achievements you had during college. Adding the degrees can also be helpful!

Skills and awards

You do need to have a special section for these, but if you have too many, make sure to choose only those relevant to the selected field of work. You can also include interests, but the same thing applies here, add those only that have a relevance in regards to your field of work.

Other relevant information

If you mail the resume, send it as PDF as this makes you look a lot more professional. Also, insert your name in the filename, as this also oozes professionalism. Spell check the resume multiple times, because you need to make sure there are no mistakes, otherwise the chances of landing that particular job drop to a minimum.

If you want to create the perfect resume, then you need to make sure that you follow the instructions above, as these are very helpful and they will help you quite a lot. Avoid adding too much clutter in your resume, and instead focus on the essential things. Also, update the resume as often as possible, because frequent updates show that you are a professional and thus you might have a better chance at the interview!

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