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Reasons To Use A Background Check Company To Screen Potential Hires

- Feb 21, 2014

It is important nowadays to use background checks. It is an essential step in making sure you are hiring the right person. The level of exaggeration and outright lying on resumes has made it necessary to carry out background check.  Companies want to identify serious issues in the candidate’s personal or work history. However, there are pitfalls to avoid since privacy rights issues are involved.

Who are you ?

What are you likely to get when you engage the services of a background check company? A background check company would conduct checks on a candidate’s criminal history. However, since some states withhold information beyond a certain amount of years, you may not be able to get the full picture. However, this check on criminal history is a useful starting point.

Other checks that may be carried out include credit and bankruptcy checks, drug checks as well as employment history check. The law prohibits background check companies from delving too deeply into a potential hire’s employment situation. They can only check and confirm the dates and places of employment. They may not be able to confirm work performance as there is a potential for lawsuits from candidates who receive less than stellar references.

A background check company will also verify education. You would also be able to get information on attendance, degrees and certifications. However, it might not be possible to get the exact performance of the candidate while in school.  Still, this screening process should not be skipped because the education area of resumes is where most falsification takes place. If you are using investigation services, you must tell them to pay particular attention to verifying the education of the potential hire.

Background check companies can also verify license status, check driving history and look for license violations and suspension records. This is important when employing candidates for roles that involve driving.

When employing background check companies, it is important that the company has a history of providing the needed information in a fast and accurate manner. It is very important for them to provide accurate information not only because it is vital in your hiring decision but also because you want to avoid lawsuits that may result from acting on false information. There are federal and state laws that guide employment background checks. It is important to comply with them. Also, the company you select to provide such investigative services should comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

When you use a good background check company to screen your potential hires, you would find it easier to make hiring decisions.

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