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Protect Yourself From Recruitment Scams

- Dec 16, 2013

Devious minds see opportunities in the misfortunes of others. With the increasing amount of jobless people and the ever frequent occurrence of lay-offs, lots of people are desperate for a job and they are thus potential victims of fraudsters and identity thieves.  These scammers steal identities and perpetrate advance fee fraud. However, if you follow the following advice, you can protect yourself from these criminals.

1.       Never pay money in advance to a recruiter. Recruiters make money by placing employees with employers. Any money that changes hands does so after you have gotten a job. If you choose to pay money to a recruiter to help you search for a job (which we advise against,) ensure you are getting value for your money. Always do due diligence.

2.       Do not give out your social security number. This is something to watch out for on the internet. A “recruiter” may ask you for your social security number in order to secure a job for you. Do not give it to them. Legitimate companies would only ask for such information after they have employed you. Before giving out your social security number, verify that the employer is in good standing and is honest.

3.       Credit checks are often a way to steal identities. You should avoid signing up for credit checks. Many unscrupulous elements would use the opportunity to steal your identity, commit financial fraud with it and cause you a lot of trouble. Be very careful with the information you give out while searching for employment.

4.       Protect your references. You don’t want the people who you have asked to back up your application to receive unnecessary junk mail or become target of phishing attacks. When searching for jobs, do not put in the details of your references unless it is absolutely necessary. Most scammers would ask you for references even before you have been invited for an interview. This is often a sign of a scam. Legitimate companies would only ask you for references when they are considering you for employment.

5.       Watch out for the signs of a fraudulent recruiter. Apart from the above tips, most fake recruiters have no relationship with the recruiting company they claim to work for. They often use generic Yahoo or Gmail accounts and promise salaries that are higher than what obtains in the industry.


Ensure you do your due diligence when in contact with a recruiter. Use the tips above to screen recruiters. If the offer is too good to be true, it probably is. At Ace Employment Services, we bring legitimate opportunities to job seekers.

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