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Need To Hire Fast? Consider A Staffing Agency

- Sep 16, 2013

You come to work one day and find out that three of your employees have sent in notices that they would be quitting. Another two employees would be going for maternity leave. Your business needs immediate replacements. What would you do?


Hiring new workers can be very easy–if you have months to plan for the process. However, in the scenario above, you need to hire fast.

Enter staffing agencies. With a good staffing agency, you can hire good workers quickly and even on temporary basis. Below are the reasons why you should call on staffing agencies’ speed and efficiency in recruiting new employees.


Most companies, particularly, small ones are limited in terms of the number of prospective candidates they can reach. Even when you make use of linkedin, post on job boards, advertise etc. it may not be enough to get as many candidates as possible.

Also, when you are in a hurry to employ, you won’t have time to post vacancies on several sites. You should use a staffing agency instead.

Staffing agencies (good ones, at least) have extensive candidate profiles. This helps you get a good pool of candidates from which you can select from. Staffing agencies already have resumes on file and they can help you save time and get you the candidates you need as quickly as possible.


It is one thing to get plenty of candidates, it is another thing to screen and select them. When you are pressed for time, this becomes a serious challenge. With staffing agencies, you save a lot of time because the candidates have been pre-screened. You don’t need to spend valuable time doing too much sifting.


When you hire a staffing agency to help you provide temporary staff or help you hire employees, you get a professional partner would be committed to the success of the employee they have placed with you.

The staffing agency knows that their reputation would be affected by the success or otherwise of the employee. As a result, they provide on-boarding assistance to help your employees fit in quickly.

A good staffing agency will communicate with both you and your employee to learn whether or not the partnership has been successful.

If you would like to find out more about how Ace Employment Services can help you fast track your staffing process, contact us.

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