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Marketing Yourself: Your Future is Written in the Card(s)

- Apr 11, 2013

Do you need business cards? Even if you are presently unemployed and not in any business?

The short answer is yes. They are one of the fastest ways to give out your information. As you walk around all day, you need to be handing out your personal information.

What should be on your card?

1)      Your name

2)      Your phone number. (If you are concerned about passing your phone number out to the whole world, get a Google Voice number near you. You can still get your calls, but they won’t have your real number.)

3)      Your email address.

4)      Your website. (Only do this if you have a website that you have had for a while and plan to keep. Nothing is worse than getting your cards printed and then suddenly changing your information.)

5)      A tiny bio of you. (For example: “Two time President of the United States. Nobel Peace Prize winner. Editor, Harvard Law Review. Senator, Illinois. Community organizer, Chicago.” – don’t use this one; it’s taken. But you get the idea.)

What not to have on your card?

A logo – Unless you are officially your own brand (Martha Stewart, Taylor Swift, Bozo the Clown) you don’t need a logo.

Colors and designs – A minimalist card with the information in black on a simple white card says that you are just conveying information. It’s also cheaper.

Catch phrase – Again, you’re not a brand so don’t have a catch phrase. Besides, “Choice of a new generation” has been taken.

Your picture – Unless you are a model, what you look like should be irrelevant. Besides, most of us look a bit odd in photos. Photos are only applicable if your face makes you money.

Who should you give your card to?

Everyone – It’s simple. The guy at the deli hands you a sandwich, you hand him a card and say,   “Hi. I’m looking for work in the banking industry. If you hear of anything, would you give them    my number?” Then you smile and give him a tip! (No tip – no card. Show some class!)

Where should you go to give out your card?

Everywhere that the people who do your job are. If you are in advertising, at the deli on   Madison Avenue. If you are in finance, everywhere on Wall Street.

So there are some simple rules for using personal cards. No get out there and market yourself like Coca-Cola on the edge of the desert!

By| Bob Peryea

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