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Marketing Yourself: The Tools for Success

- Mar 11, 2013

There are certain tools you need to succeed in your job search. Most of these tools are cheap or free, but you should make sure that you have at least some variation of them.

  • Business cards – This makes leaving information for people very simple. There are now electronic business cards. If you do most of your business online, you can use these. Otherwise, there are lots of places that will make business cards for you for very little money.
  • A steady phone number – If your life is in flux, or you are relocating, use Google Voice to get a phone number in your local area. It’s free and your phone will ring or it will take messages for you. This way you can and should give out your number everywhere.
  • An email – If you don’t have email, you are already behind the times. They are free and easy to use. Do not use an email name like hotstudman@imafool.com. Your email should be your name. If you don’t have one, get one. Use one of the free services; it’s simple and you can email from anywhere on the planet.
  • Real resume paper – Delivering your resume on anything is better than nothing, but even a cheap cream colored paper is better than plain white. And nothing cute. Teddy bears on your resume paper is not going to get you the job.
  • Pens – Bring a pen with you whenever you go to a meeting. In fact, bring more than one. And don’t fill out documents in pink; blue or black is the rule.

These are just a few things you will need to successfully find a job in today’s market. It’s all a matter of being ready.

The major key is to always do everything you can to be professional and prepared.

Good luck.

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