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Managing Your Temporary Workers

- Mar 14, 2014

If you run a business that manages temporary workers, you might have faced some issues and challenges in the course of engaging temporary employees. If you are considering using temporary staff in the future, this article is for you. The following tips will enable you get the best out of your temp workers and consequently make their hiring a great business decision.



Some employers do not manage the issue of roles well. They just dump jobs on their temporary workers and the workers are subsequently under-motivated leading to poor performance. As an employer, you must define the roles you offer temporary workers and set job expectations accordingly. Emphasize to your temporary workers the importance of what they do. Give them responsibilities they can fulfill. Use the additional skills they may have picked from other jobs.


Many companies treat their temporary workers as second class species. This would have a serious effect on motivation and depending on the degree to which your company depends on temporary workers, there would be an effect on your bottom line. Do your best to treat all staff with respect and consideration regardless of appellation or designation.


Temporary or not, ever employee in your company should be engaged and empowered. Many companies who pay a strong attention to employee engagement do not give the same level of attention to their temporary staff. A good employer would empower his or her temp workers to

feel free in presenting ideas to management. By showing this level of consideration to your temporary workers, you would get the best productivity out of them.


It is important to provide some degree of mentoring to your temporary workers. Guide them in the industry and enable them try out ideas. Give them the guidance they would need to succeed. Yes, they would be with you for only four months but make that four months an exciting learning opportunity for them and you would see startling business results as the productivity of your staff, temporary and permanent, increases.

Also, you might want to even refer them to other temporary jobs. All this good efforts would create positive brand value for your organization.


Staffing agencies like Ace Employment Services have experience in temporary staffing and it would be a great idea to work hand in hand with a staffing agency to help you manage your staffing levels. The staffing agency would provide professional and specialist support.


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