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Make Your Resume Stand Out With These Tips

Derek Cirino - Jun 22, 2017

Your resume can easily be glanced and tossed into the ‘no’ pile without much consideration if you failed to give that extra pinch of exoticism.  And your dream job would just stay as your dream. Resumes should portray professionalism of the candidate and thus objective statements filled with analogies and quotes does little to impress the employer. The secret of good resume is that it should reflect abilities and expertise of the job seeker. We as a staffing agency help you in mastering the skills of writing resumes while keeping it crisp and authentic. This post will help you understand different aspects of writing a resume so that it successfully gets your foot in the door for your dream job.

Power of originality

While originality is a wonderful trait and worth admiring, organizations look for professionalism in candidate. You must have come across plenty of advice that is available on web for making your resume stand out by using certain keywords. But before adhering to any of such posts you need to ensure that you are making your resume stand out for right reasons. If you would use the same buzzwords available across internet then you are making it generic. We help you in modifying the resume so that it reflects professionalism above originality or creativity.

Leave first impression

A resume is like mirror to your personality and leaves a first impression on your prospective employer. So it is necessary to tailor the resume according to the job that you’ve applied.  You should include all the skills and experience that are relevant to the job you are applying for. For instance, if you are applying for a job in the Finance division, you will mention your education and experience relevant to finance. But if that organization is active in community service activities then you may mention little about your involvement with some NGO. On the other hand if the organization is not much into social world then you may just skip that because it won’t grab much attention and rather take up the space in your resume.

No room for sloppiness

As stated, resumes leave a first impression and thus there is no room for sloppiness. You have to ensure that your resume is error-free as well as easy to read. Use of tough English words at wrong places takes away the interest and act as a wave in the smooth sea. In simple words, they disrupt the whole flow if used inappropriately. The resumes get simply rejected because of typos as these sorts of errors are equated with laziness and no organization wants a lazy employee. We assist in proof reading every single line item so that your words demonstrate your hard work and ability rather than laziness.

Resume is a visual document

Last but not the least, resumes should have symmetrical, organized layout with adequate while (blank) spaces without overdoing the text. A resume document that looks like a novel scares the reader as it looks like too much work. But at the same time we need to keep in mind that fancy formatting doesn’t gloss over a poorly written resume. Hence, we assist in framing it such a way which keeps the reader engaged and convey the desired message as there is no definition of ‘perfect’ format; it just varies from profile to profile.

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