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Just Been Fired? Things To Do And Not Do

- Sep 9, 2013

Consider this scenario: Victor Sterringhom (not a real name) was fired form a tech startup. Instantly, he went on twitter and let out a series of rants where he badmouthed specific people at his former company.

Without knowing the specifics in the above scenario, do you think what Mr Steringham did was professional? Most people would answer no.

This article would focus on what to do and NOT to do when you are fired. No one enjoys a pink stop or regret later or anything similar. This usually leads to bad responses or actions after such an unfortunate event.

Here are some tips to consider when you face disengagement from your job (we hope you don’t)

Don’t Tell People You Have Been Fired
What we mean here is that you should not broadcast the news. That means, no social media messages, no marathon phone calls. You should only tell the people closest to you.

The reason for this advice is that in the initial period after being fired, you are prone to making an emotional response to the firing. You don’t want things to get out of hand by throwing “ent thoughts” around about your erstwhile employer on social media. The world is a small place.

So you should not communicate the news for at least up to a week after the incident.

Don’t Panic
Yes being unemployed is often a dire situation but that doesn’t mean that you should act for Zombies have taken over the world and the sky is falling in other words, don’t panic.

When you panic, you make irrational decisions. So rather than panic, spend the moments immediately after your job loss doing activities that you find fun. It could be reading or something else. The idea is to avoid thoughts that would make you panicky and thus make decisions based on emotion rather than logic.

Many people who have just been fired make the mistake of not planning before making their next move. They start applying to new jobs immediately without putting much thought into the process.

You should have a plan. Ask yourself, where next do I want to go in my career? What are my career goals? How can I achieve them? Think back to your time at the previous job. What did you do right? What did you do wrong?.

By answering the above questions you can formulate a career plan that would guide you as you try to get a new job.

Using the above tips, you would be able to manage when you hear those sad words “You’re fired”. If you need temporary jobs, you can contact Ace Employment Services.

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