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Is It Time For A Career Change?

- Dec 12, 2013

Are you currently feeling unsatisfied with your job? Do you think it is time to get another job? You may have done everything you can to enjoy your current job and it still isn’t working. These situations
can be tricky as you may not want to leave the “safety” job for an uncertain employment market.

The following situations are indicators that you should seek new directions in your career.

You have a worsening relationship with your boss. You just don’t get along and this is affecting the quality of your work. You have tried all avenues to resolve the matter and you are not making headway.

You do not like the company culture.  Every time you go to work, you are disgusted with the behavior of your co-workers. This behavior is condoned by management. This situation can cause problems for you. If you are at odds with the company culture, you’ll hate the job and you would stand out negatively in the work place. It is best to get a job that you enjoy.

Your company is experiencing a downturn in fortunes.  Business performance is at a low and there are no foreseeable solutions in the near future. If you are in this situation, start sending resumes as soon as possible because it can be tough getting a job if you are still there while the company closes or fails.

You are at that point in your career where your job no longer challenges you. You are itching for some variety or an increase in responsibilities.  You have discussed this with your bosses and they did not provide a solution. If you are in this situation, you should find out what you really want out of a job. This should guide you as you seek new career opportunities.

The stress at work is affecting your mental or physical health.  Your health is more important than work. If your work is affecting your health adversely, it is better to change and get a less demanding job.

You have new responsibilities in your life. A spouse, a baby.  Usually, your expenses would go up and your current salary may not be able to meet your needs.

If you are facing any of the situations above and you have exhausted all internal means of reaching a solution, it is best to seek alternative jobs or careers. If you are looking for a new job, Ace Employment Services can connect you to employers.

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