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Interview Tips: Make Your First Impression A Lasting One

Derek Cirino - Jul 25, 2017

When we start preparing for an interview, we often get indulged with the preparation for answers of the most difficult questions. But the fact is that before the sequence of questions and answers starts, there will be additional eyes observing whether you fit for that particular job profile or not. There are many others things to notice about a candidate that is why professionals always suggest making efforts to a great first impression.

So, before you plan to move to your next interview, it is good to go through the top tips below that can help you to present yourself in most effective manner.

#1. Be on Time:

Time management is the key to success and hiring professionals to give maximum value to this factor. You might have heard so often that it is important to be punctual for an interview, especially to get your dream job. You know that already but still it is important to highlight this point that it is essential to be there on time.

#2. Your Dressing Sense Matters:

However, interviewers are not going to give you all the marks on the basis of your looks or appearance but yes, it will have some impact on interviewer’s thought process about your personality. Prefer to wear a well-pressed suit with neat shoe and look like a professional instead of choosing a casual look for an interview.

#3. Carry the Essentials only:

There is no doubt to say that a coffee can boost your potential for the upcoming meeting but it doesn’t mean that you should carry your paper cup to the interview premises. The fact is that candidates are advised to carry limited stuff to the interview and leave all the non-essentials at home because they will only clutter your appearance, nothing else.

#4. Be gentle to the receptionist:

No matter how worried or frustrated you are about your interview. It is always essential to develop a great impression right from the entry point. In most of the companies, the desk attendants are asked to report back if anyone from the interviewees does not behave well with them. Your feedback from the reception desk is going to affect the ultimate hiring decision.

#5. Turn off your phone:

We human beings are more attached to technology these days, especially to our smartphones. No matter whether we are at the grocery store, park, in line or with family, we have a habit of being on our cell phones even without any purpose. But this habit will lead to a bad impression at a potential work place. When you are sitting in the lobby before your interview, it is good to look at your resume instead of playing games on your phone.

#6. The First Move:

When we enter the employer’s office, we often expect that they will lead the first move. But the true fact is that you need not be afraid to move your hand forward for an introductory handshake. This small gesture from your side will help them to know that you are excited enough about this job.

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