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Improve Your Skills/Knowledge Through Online Learning Centers

- Jun 16, 2014

Do you want to remain ahead of the competition? Would you like to rise to the top of your career? If so, then you must put continuous education at the top of your eternal to-do list. As an aspiring high flyer, you must always seek opportunities to gain new knowledge and learn new skills.


Recently, there have been an explosion in the number of websites where you can get valuable knowledge to enable you develop skills and competencies that would serve you well in the world of work. In this article, we would talk about some of this websites. Don’t miss an opportunity to get valuable, low cost education that may be more practical than what you will get in a regular college setting.

  1. UDEMY


Udemy is a popular website and its chief advantage over others is that it is the best web platform to learn practical skills. Most of the instructors teach practical knowledge. That is why it has become the best online learning centre for programming. So if you want practical experience to develop technology skills, then Udemy is the best place.




Coursera is another popular platform for you to develop skills. You can even get certified for some of the courses which is a great advantage as you have a proof for the knowledge you have gained. At Coursera, you can study courses ranging from “Improving Your Employability Skills” to “Financing and Investing in Infrastructure”. There is a course for every one and each of these courses are offered by some of the world’s best universities. The best part is that you get all this for free. However, you pay a token to get a certificate.




This is a fully accredited online academic institution. If you are a high school graduate seeking low cost options for college education, then the University of the People is your best bet. It is tuition free and you pay less than $5000 for the duration of the four year course. One limitation though is that courses are currently offered only in computer science and business administration.


  1. edX


This is a popular alternative to Coursera. It operates in a very similar way to Coursera although you don’t get certified for most of the courses. It is however a great way to get free knowledge which you could convert into skills and competencies.




Khan Academy’s slogan (A free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere) says all about them. They provide innovative education and the focus is more on improving the general level of education of people worldwide. You do not even need to register before you can start learning from Khan Academy.


The above are some of the online learning centers/resources that you can use for self-improvement and continuous education. Your emphasis should be on learning and applying knowledge from these resources and not necessarily seeking to get paper certificates to back up the e-learning.


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