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How To Write Job Ads That Attract Top Talent

- Apr 22, 2014

How do you write effective job ads that would simplify your recruitment process and attract the right candidates?


Most companies do not put in much thought into the job ads or listings they make. They just put it out there rather than making it a valuable marketing tool for their company.  In order to write an effective job ad, you must have the job description in mind and use that to decide your selection requirement.

Do not try to use your job description as a screening tool. Rather you should make your job ad intriguing and engaging enough to attract the right candidates.

Your job description should be concise and focus more on the result of the work you expect the candidate to achieve rather than the day to day routine associated with the position. You don’t want to bore prospective employees. Most top candidates would not have the time to read a list of uninteresting day to day tasks.

Most companies writing job ads simply state requirements like education, years of experience and skills. This comes across as boring to the top candidates you want to be attracting. A better practice is to state what the person would be accomplishing when s/he is employed in the company. State the achievements that you want the successful candidates to have achieved at the end of say, one year. By focusing on this rather than requirements, you will make readers of the ad feel more positive and they would picture themselves in that role. You would attract top talent.

Since most job postings are online and there is no more constraint in terms of ad space, you can make your job ad contain as much necessary information as possible. You should make the focus of the ad be to sell the company and make it known that your company is looking for high performers who can achieve certain goals.

Always specify how you should be contacted in your ad. You may also give details of what the recruitment process would be like.  If appropriate, you may include a salary range to guide the applicants.

By giving this extra information, you would save your and the candidate’s time.  The candidate’s first impression of you starts with the job ad.  Make it a great advertisement for your company.

Many companies use staffing companies to source their staff and write their job ads. A good staffing company would help you get top talent.  Ace Employment Services is in the business of providing top quality staffing solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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