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How To Start Your Own Business

- May 30, 2013

Starting a business is all about solving a problem. Find a solution and you can make a million dollars. Post-it Notes from 3M solved a problem. It has made 3M billions.

So here is the world’s quickest, fool-proof guide to starting business. (Provided you aren’t too much of a fool.)

Find a problem to fix – Look around for a problem that lots of people have and fix it. It could be as simple as finding a way for people to hang notes on their computer screen.

Make a plan to fix it – Draw a picture, test it out and make it work.

Make a plan – Do not start a business without a business plan. Put together a plan, even if it’s one page.

Get a website up – You can’t do business in the 21st Century without a website. If what you have come up with can be sold it over the Internet, then sell through your website. If not, your website can tell people what you do and what you are selling.

Put together a marketing plan – Even if it is one page, make sure you have an idea of how you are going to market your product or service

Build your infrastructure – Make sure you can track every penny from the minute you start to the day you retire a millionaire.

Take it one step a time – Move through everything one step at a time. You might not make a million dollars in the first day, but take it all one day at time.

Make payment easy – Use an internet payment system or a cell phone payment system. They are simple to sign up for and easy to use. DO NOT arrange your payment system around 1950’s plans.

This is the simplest, fastest business building plan in history. We can’t guarantee that you will be a massive success, but remember that even if you fail, you will know far more than you do today.

By| Bob Peryea

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