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How To Make Your Employees More Productive

- Apr 14, 2015

Unless you are a small business owner who knows their team well, you are probably wondering how you can motivate your employees and gain their trust. The good news is that this is not something difficult.9551-3d-bar-graph-meeting-pv

If you are not sure how to begin with this process, you should definitely try some of the following tips:

  1. Have a face-to-face chat with your employees

This is a must in case you have started as a manager recently. One-on-one conversations with the aim to familiarize with the people working in the company should be one of your long-term plans. This practice will give you a chance to introduce yourself in a better way. Feel free to ask the employees about their expectations in the future, what you can do to ease their tasks or to create suitable atmosphere at their workplace. You can encourage your employees to share their thoughts about how to create a healthier, more efficient and even more fun work environment.

  1. Conduct a survey

This survey doesn’t necessarily need to be serious. You can always make a fun survey. By asking your employees to fill a survey in which they will answer the questions about their hobbies, the number of kids they have, how, when and where they want to go on vacation you will start to develop a bond. Of course, don’t hesitate to share your answers too. Keep in mind that some questions aren’t suitable and they should be left unasked. The main point is to familiarize with your employees not to snoop around.

  1. Get involved in team work

One of the easiest and most convenient ways to find out more about your employees is to work together on some task or project. Depending on the type of work you do, show your employees that you are monitoring their performance on some task and show interest about the details and progress on their project. However, make sure you don’t leave a wrong impression of a manager that puts a lot of pressure because this will affect the quality of their work. If the employees are making good progress, don’t forget to praise their efforts. In this way you are showing your appreciation which means that they will focus on their work and consult you about their tasks.

  1. Find time to relax

All your efforts can become fruitless in case you are not prepared to be honest. It is natural to be curious about your team, but it is equally logical that your team is interested in finding out more about you. You need to be dedicated to your work, but remember to find time to make jokes and have fun at your workplace. This is the best way to improve the relations with your employees. You can also consider organizing an event like going to the local café after work or having a dinner together once a month. In this way you will learn more about their employees and they will appreciate your care which will ultimately result in a better performance.

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