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How To Keep Yourself on Track for Growth

- Jan 15, 2014

Would you like to be counted as a great achiever? If so, what habits are you working on to help you grow and live a life of achievement?

Most great achievers are known for their conscious planning towards improvement in every area of their life. How do you improve yourself with each passing day? Today we bring you some tips that would help you keep on track as you grow in your career and in your life.

Personal Development

How often do you review your activities? Do you ask yourself questions on what things you have learnt? How you have improved your life compared to a previous period? What mistakes you have been making in your life? In the workplace, employers conduct performance appraisal exercises. How often do you conduct a self-assessment of your life with respect to your goals and aspirations?

One way to keep yourself on track for growth is to assess your performance every week. You should take notes on what you have done the previous week and write down how you feel you can improve the next week. It might seem a tedious exercise but you would gain long term benefits that would make it worthwhile.

By reviewing your past week, you would be able to use your findings as motivation for the new week. A week is the optimum time to conduct this type of self-assessment as you can take an hour or two on Sunday to go over the previous week and prepare for the new week.

Apart from regular self-assessments, you should make your life goals smart, realistic and specific. It is best if your goals are fewer. That way you can concentrate and tick them off one after the other. After achieving one goal, you can then add others.

Surround yourself with great people. We often get discouraged by the people around us. Many people have been unable to grow their careers because of the kind of people they surround themselves with. Socialize with positive people who would encourage you and keep you on track for professional and personal growth.

While you work on the above tips, remember to get better in whatever field or industry you are involved in. Also, be passionate about your work. If you bring passion and effort into your work, it would reflect in other aspects of your life and you would be the better for it.

Overall, if you want to keep yourself on track for growth, you must conduct regular self-appraisals, have a positive outlook on life, focus on your goals and surround yourself with people who would fuel your passion.

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