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How To Keep Your Top Employees

- Jul 29, 2013

You know them. The employees that work hardest and helps bring in the most revenue. The employees who are so crucial to your business that they might as well be business partners. What happens to your business if these employees leave?

There is no use rehashing what happens to businesses that lose their most essential and top performing employees. This article is to give you pointers that would help you keep your top performers or at least, reduce the likelihood that your best employees would leave you.

If you want to keep your top employees from your competitors or from leaving for greener pastures, here is what you should do:


Many business owners make the mistake of not appreciating the good work of their employees. They may appreciate the employee inwardly but show no outward signs. This would discourage the employee. Human beings crave recognition and you should always ensure that your employees know that you appreciate the work they are doing.

An occasional commendation letter, a pay raise, deserved vacations and corporate gifts are ways to make the employee understand that you value their efforts. Many small business owners fail to do this as they feel the cost is too high but the truth is that if you reward your workers, they would often work harder and that would lead to greater profits for you.


Top performers often like challenging tasks and jobs that have a purpose. They would also like to let off steam from time to time. Your business would be better served by you providing outlets that would challenge your workers and also avenues with which they can have fun. If this happens, your workplace would be perceived by your employees as a great place to work s the job they do is fulfilling.

So if you want to keep your top performers, find ways to make the job they do challenging and purposeful. Also, allow them to enjoy their work. Top performers are often self starters. They do not work well under micro management so relax and let them be. Let them have fun with their jobs.


While this may not be possible for many small businesses, it is worth noting. Top performing employees want to advance in their careers. No one wants to work in a job that stagnates their professional development. So you should see what you can do in terms of career advancement. Are you recruiting for a senior role in your company? Have you thought of promoting some of your junior personnel instead of recruiting an outsider?


Well, we don’t mean that you should actually kill underachievers but you get the idea. Don’t allow underachievers to pollute your talent pool. Find a way to get them up to standard or cull them otherwise they would affect the morale of your top performing employees. If your top employees feel that other members of staff are not pulling weight, they would be tempted to leave for better jobs.

We hope you would apply the tips above to make your company a great place to work and retain your best talents. If you are looking to recruit top performing employees, then ACE Employment Services is always there for you.

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